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Leader, become yourself

Living legends aren’t easy to come by.  Actually shaking one’s hand is a very special experience.  Seeing the noble and flawed human who represents the legend is really encouraging.  The imperfections allow one to accept the truth of the person’s … Continue reading

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Chop wood, carry water

A few years ago, I began to get excited about the return of manufacturing to the U.S. and now it’s happening.  Mind you, I don’t expect it to regain the prominent position in our economy that it had prior to … Continue reading

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I’ll get mine

The little pastel spoons dip into the gelato.  Curly Top asks her boyfriend, “Is our city better today than it was four years ago?” He ponders a few moments.  “I don’t think I know about the city as a whole.  … Continue reading

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The realities of “reality” television

It’s a very interesting turn of events in the world of entertainment.  “Reality” programming has taken the lead on presenting a compelling business argument for advertisers.  First, the cost of production is much, much less than for scripted storylines. You … Continue reading

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