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Quant investing examined

Money is flowing into so-called “quant” funds at a higher rate of late, largely driven by a pursuit of superior returns, which they’ve had over the last few years.  It’s also probably driven by a fear of missing out; investors … Continue reading

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What is “ego”?

Dear Stan, I’m working with someone who is deeply concerned about their public reputation. If they are not allowed to lead a project, and it includes the opportunity for public notice, they will object to our strategies and tactics citing … Continue reading

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The economics of cancer

I recently had the “opportunity” to become an active consumer of healthcare services in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Having some time pre- and post-surgery to do, well, nothing, I found myself thinking about how the economics of … Continue reading

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Recognition and reward is tricky

I’ve often said that there’s no substitute for a leader’s judgement.  There are no models, tools, recipes, slogans, symbols, books or charismatic “thought leaders” who can supplant the role of a leader who has hard-won experience and is able to … Continue reading

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