Quant investing examined

Money is flowing into so-called “quant” funds at a higher rate of late, largely driven by a pursuit of superior returns, which they’ve had over the last few years.  It’s also probably driven by a fear of missing out; investors and investing institutions are primarily motivated by out-running the middle of the pack.  Nobody wants to be the sick and old stragglers picked off by the trailing wolves.  I mean that literally, though it’s often used in analogy.

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What is “ego”?

Dear Stan,

I’m working with someone who is deeply concerned about their public reputation. If they are not allowed to lead a project, and it includes the opportunity for public notice, they will object to our strategies and tactics citing thinly constructed business reasons.  But the underlying motive is really about how much attention they receive in the business community.  Why do people have such big egos?  What can a co-worker or even a boss do about it?


Trying to Pop Their Bubble

Dear Pop,

You don’t ask easy questions.

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The economics of cancer

I recently had the “opportunity” to become an active consumer of healthcare services in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Having some time pre- and post-surgery to do, well, nothing, I found myself thinking about how the economics of the transactions came to be the way they are.


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Recognition and reward is tricky

I’ve often said that there’s no substitute for a leader’s judgement.  There are no models, tools, recipes, slogans, symbols, books or charismatic “thought leaders” who can supplant the role of a leader who has hard-won experience and is able to apply thoughtful commitment to making the right decisions in leading others.  It is no different in the arena of rewards and recognition.


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