You don’t get it all until you give it away

Being the leader means you make the decisions, right?  You’re in control, aren’t you?

That depends on how good a leader you want to be.  Oddly enough, a good leader makes far fewer decisions than you’d imagine would be necessary, unless you had lived through the tortuous metamorphosis from a Caterpillar of Control to a Butterfly of a Boss.  True leadership is developing people to be increasingly capable of making the decisions that you used to have to make.


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Ambition and flatulence

Do you remember when you were twenty-nine years old?  (That is, assuming you are not at this moment twenty-nine?) What was your view of the world at that time?  Were you hopeful?  Did you think you had things figured out pretty well?  Did you believe that your life’s goals could be achieved before you were thirty?


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The danger of growth

It’s often said, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”, as it relates to business.  Maybe that’s just not true.

Economists talk about the “hidden hand” of an efficient, free market.  They are referring to the collective effect of market participants negotiating value in open trade based on supply, demand and the information associated with the risks and rewards of the transactions.  There’s another “hidden hand” at work in our economy, however, that may not be fully appreciated.


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The curse of the capable

Some people are lucky enough to be born broadly talented, perhaps even highly adept at one or more areas of human endeavor.  We easily recognize the value of such abilities, but there is a hidden dark side to being good at things.


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