Why “Notes from the Corporate Underground”?

I began writing a weekly column for the San Diego Daily Transcript in 2003, and continued that column until the 130 year-old newspaper went under ten years later.  It was an opportunity to express what I felt was a common, yet unspoken experience of working in corporations.

I didn’t start out my career wanting to be a business man.  I was aiming for human factors engineering in the space program.  A lot of people I’ve met, in over 1,300 companies, didn’t start out wanting to be business professionals.  The aim was science, engineering, product design, entertainment, the arts, public service or a number of other avenues.  At some point, however, most of us become business professionals, out of pure practical necessity.  Even if it’s just the business of providing for our own family’s livelihood.

Many of the people I’ve come to know over the decades had two experiences of business–one they kept hidden and one they allowed others to see.  A sort of corporate underground exists, and people select carefully who they let underneath to view their true feelings and thoughts. So I began this column as a way of sharing this massive, subterranean experience, to get the real stuff on top of the desk, instead of hidden in a bottom drawer.

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